Butt Coffee Just as Good if Not Better than Butter Coffee–Huh?

Hell no I’m not sticking my favorite caffeinated bevie up the exit only door! That was my response to coffee enemas. Sort of. In all reality, treatment monopolized my week, and after that, I prioritized yoga, healthy meal prep, sunbathing aka natural vitamin D, and a weekend getaway over one more detox protocol. Coffee enemas also sounded silly to me. How could putting coffee, that delicious get me out of bed drink, up my butt make me feel well? I wasn’t buying it. Despite learning about the benefits of coffee enemas years ago and my doctors recommending them repeatedly, I boycotted this invasive derriere procedure like the plague, up until the point I couldn’t get out of bed after my November treatment.

I’d been home from treatment for less than twenty-four hours. I wasn’t even close to recovered, but I’d been looking forward to Thanksgiving Day since the moment we decided to redo our 2014 Tday itinerary, which included skiing, hitting our favorite locals bar and having a lavish buffet supper. To those of you sneering at the idea of Thanksgiving dinner out, I’ll leave it at this. It’s very relaxing (no prep, no clean up, no drama, complete indulgence). I was stoked to be surrounded by an awesome group of friends and mentally prepared to devour the shellfish tower, potentially some prime rib, lots of greens and enjoy a nibble of the best looking dark chocolate dessert. Physically, I was fatigued and bloated. Surely both would pass. Not so much. My plan was a bust. My desire to gorge on heaps of beautiful food was fleeting. Several days went by, and I still hadn’t bounced back to normal. Intuitively I knew my body was a toxic wasteland. I needed to up my detox. December 1, 2015, I gave myself my first coffee enema, and I haven’t looked back.

The recommendation is to hold the coffee in anywhere from 15 – 25 minutes. I made it to sixty seconds. So I did another one right after, making it to four minutes. It didn’t go perfectly. Progress not perfection people. That afternoon I gave myself another. Glutton for punishment? Possibly. More realistically I was at the point I’d do anything if you told me it would make me feel better. Anything. I expected to regain control of my life and instead I was going on my seventh month of feeling like crap.  December was my first full month off from treatment, and I had high hopes of taking the world by storm, but my body had other plans. So I reluctantly conceded to its wisdom.

The longer I held the coffee, the more noticeable the benefits. Mainly, my energy returned for a few hours following. The weakness in my body subsided if only to go back to feeling exhausted again several hours later. That would have been a good time to do another, which I did some days. I was nervous at first about overdoing it. In hindsight, I would have had greater trust in my body and put less stock on the research I’d done.

As usual in the world of nutrition, there’s a lot of contradicting information out there on how many enemas you should do. Gerson Therapy recommends four to six coffee enemas per day for cancer patients. My doctors recommended three per week. The likelihood of me doing six coffee enemas in a day was slim to none. I decided somewhere in between these two recommendations was right for my body. Always listen to your body. Go inside. Ask it what it needs. It will tell you. Don’t let all the information on the internet prevent you from moving forward. I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure no one has ever died of too many coffee enemas.

I self-administered coffee enemas the entire month of December. I won’t go into detail as to some of the unidentifiable gunk that came out of me, but I’ll say this, I’m pretty sure parasites are a real concern and everyone can benefit from detoxifying their body from the chemical laden land we live in today. There’s so much information on the internet if you want to deep dive into the benefits, history or how to. Or you can take my word for it, buy your supplies and start cleaning up your body today!

You Should Do Coffee Enemas if You’re…

-fighting/healing from cancer, struggling with an autoimmune disease or have an overall weakened immune system
-doing a cleanse
-have candida or skin problems (acne, psoriasis, rosacea, etc.)
-struggle with PMS
-depressed, grumpy, fatigued, low-energy or brain fog
-experience digestive issues such as gas, bloating, constipation, diarrhea, IBS
-can’t lose or gain weight

-you’ve been doing too much binge drinking and partying


-nutrition: selenium, zinc, potassium, and antioxidants that prevent oxidation
-cleanses colon
-detoxifies and repairs liver
-improves hydration
-lymphatic drainage
-reduces liver congestion
-banishes brain fog
-supports weight loss or gain
-flat abs (*my vain personal favorite other than the obvious–cancer healing)

-improved skin

How To

I strive to make everything I do in life as enjoyable as possible, especially since aspects of my healing protocol are downright miserable. If I had a bathtub (only have a shower), I’d create a sacred space in the tub (yoga mat, towels, and blankets to make it cozy and light some candles). I often turn on my heating pad and place it on my tummy to keep me warm and relaxed. Attempt staying off your phone and meditate or visualize your body healing. Alternatively, you can grab a book or listen to some relaxing music.

 1.Prep coffee. My healer in Phoenix, who has the equivalent of a Ph.D. in poop, has assured me Mount Hagen Organic Coffee is perfectly acceptable to use and makes this process very easy, especially if you have a water bubbler with a hot and cold function. You will not read this many other places on the internet, but I trust her implicitly. For either method, use purified water. For your first time try one teaspoon of coffee and see how you react. Suffering from a Herxheimer Reaction can be miserable. This response occurs when your body releases more toxins than its able to eliminate (bloating, acne, nausea are common symptoms). Over time, build up to 1 – 3 tablespoons to three cups of water. Boil water in a glass or ceramic pot or tea kettle and let cool to 96 – 103 degrees. I gauge the temperature by a skin test (should feel at or slightly above skin temperature), or you can use a thermometer. If you’re not on board with instant, brew up a pot of organic, caffeinated coffee. I recommend using a French press. Once the coffee has reached the right temperature, dump it into your enema bucket or bag.
2. Insert enema. Use a safe lubricant like organic virgin coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to coat the nozzle. Allow the coffee to fill the hose to avoid air bubbles. Carefully insert nozzle while lying on your left-hand side and adjust liquid flow according to your level of comfort. You don’t want the coffee to stream in too quickly.
3. Relax. Stay on your left-hand side or roll onto your back and put your legs in the air, propping a pillow under your lower back to get gravity working for you instead of against you. Hold the enema for 15-25 minutes or as long as you can.
4. Empty out. I don’t think this needs any explaining. Get yourself to the can. You know what to do.
5. Clean up. I rinse everything with hot water then run hydrogen peroxide throughout all my equipment. I also clean my toilet every time because I don’t like the lingering coffee smell or any other smell for that matter. Last, I shower off.
6. Restore. Be sure to replace good gut bacteria through probiotics, reflorastation, kombucha, kimchi and other living foods.

Contrary to what you may be thinking, coffee enemas will not make you poop all day. If you’re concerned about incontinence, don’t take my word for it, do your first enema when you can spend a few hours in the comfort of your home. Coffee enemas are less about pooping and more about detoxifying the liver and other organs.


Purified Water (high quality bottled or filtered water) – do not use water straight out of the tap.

Good luck! I’d love to hear how it goes in the comment section below.

P.S. For those of you wondering this entire time what butter coffee is, read here and try at your earliest convenience. Delicious!


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  1. Beth Kulp

    Carly thank you so much for sharing this! As I lay here tonight, 24 hours after my Super Bowl splurge, I’m still feeling the pains and discomfort from all the crap I decided to ingest. I was already thinking of which way I wanted to go about detoxing when I came across this. I’m always all about trying the natural approach to help mend any ailments I may have. Thanks again :)!

    1. Post
      Carly Hana

      It happens 😉 Love that you’re all about trying natural approaches to healing. Get it girl! PM me on Facebook if you have questions or want to let me know how it goes!

  2. Michelle

    Excited to try this! I was diagnosed with a skin disorder in my twenties and no doctor has been able to get to the bottom of it. I’m starting a new regime of supplements and will add in “Butt Coffee” as well. I’ll keep you posted. I do LOVE butter coffee too. Thanks for sharing, Carly!

    1. Post
      Carly Hana

      Good luck, Michelle. I too have struggled with skin issues. The docs were only able to mask it temporarily. Never got the “bottom” of it. Everything starts in the gut as you know. CE will be a great addition.

  3. Libby Neill

    Hi, Carly. I came across your blog when Tina Scala shared this post on Facebook. I don’t know Tina, she is a Facebook friend of my husband, Alex Dombroski, but I do know coffee enemas! One per day for me.

    I’ve been doing them regularly since June, and they keep me feeling human through treatment for late-stage Lyme disease. I strongly encourage everyone to try them. Some people can hold the coffee longer if they flush first with a water enema.

    I rarely respond to blog posts, but I felt a strong connection to you and your journey. Good luck with the upcoming scans and treatment. Fear only means Face Everything And Rise. May we all do so on our journeys.

    Libby (Austin, TX)

    If you’re willing to share your healer in Phoenix, I’d love to know his/her name.

    1. Post

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